There are a variety of articles and broadcasting about the system in the domestic press and media. There are also comments, presentations, articles and success stories of SMS information system said by judges, staff, citizens and lawyers in different platforms. 

John Hunter, Head of the IT Department European Court of Human Rights: The SMS notification is a service they can subscribe to and it means that notifications are sent out more effectively than by post. Previously this was done via post and often meant that the lawyer went directly to the court to obtain information.

İbrahim Gazioğlu, the head of Adana Bar Association (22.05.2008): SMS information system reduces the heavy burden of court staff as the time, labour and money for getting information about files has removed, enabling the transparency in judiciary. 

Hasan Özen the head of Konya Bar Association (19.01.2009): It is an outstanding service both for citizens and lawyers to learn about their files without going courts.

Bülent Ekinci, Kocaeli News: : Inviting citizens by SMS is a much more proper and modern way for the dignity of citizens rather than calling them by summons or the aid of security forces. Furthermore, SMS information system guarantees the delivery of some legal information to some citizens in particular to women, vulnerable and homeless, enhancing the public trust to the judiciary.

STAR NEWSPAPER (15.04.2008): SMS information system, which would make it possible for citizens and lawyers to track the changes in their cases via their mobile phones, pave the way for 7 million TL savings per year from postal expenses all over the Turkey

ZAMAN NEWSPAPER (09.05.2008): SMS information system, put into practice by Ministry of Justice, accelerates the proceedings in courts. Although the results of summons are completed nearly in one month, SMS system provides this instantly  

TGRT NEWS (13.02.2009): SMS information system, as a perfect alarming service, enables citizen to protect themselves from the tragic results of ID thefts. It is well known fact that identity theft is one of the common crimes in recent years. Citizens may not be aware that their ID is stolen, used and as a result they became a culprit. Therefore it may be possible for citizens to take precaution in advance without delay as soon as informed instantly by SMS
Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Justice, Department of Information Technologies | 2014